Retrotec 25th Anniversary Headbadges!




Tig welded $2,200
Fillet braze (w/ Tig welded BB) $2,700
Lugged $2,700
Lugged w/ two-tone paint $2,900

All frames include:


S&S Couplers $600
PF30 bottom bracket $60
Fillet brazed bottom bracket $300
Eccentric bottom bracket $100
T47 bottom bracket $60
Tapered head tube NC
44mm head tube NC
Internal rear brake cable $200
Extra bottle mount $40
Rear rack mounts $50
Fender mounts $60

Custom Forks

Unicrown $320
Segmented $450
Lugged $370

Custom Stems

Unicrown $320
Segmented $450
Lugged $370

Custom Paint

All frames include a custom frame painted one color. See our paint page for more information and customization options.

* All prices subject to change.