Retrotec Ti

Retrotec Ti frames are a collaboration between myself (Curtis) and Oscar Cameron of Simple Bike Company. I have wanted to offer Retrotec Ti bikes for years, but never had the time to dedicate nailing down the process that Ti takes. Insert Oscar, who is known for his no nonsense approach to bike building and fabrication. Over the last couple years we have talked about doing some Ti bikes together and last fall we finally made it happen.

We are hoping to do two batches a year. I spent a lot of time in making sure the overall appearance of the Ti frames from the bends of the tubes to the choice made for the frame parts matches the aesthetic of the steel Retrotec frames. The top tube is slightly ovalized for added compliance and the curved seat stays are capped off with a beautiful set of Paragon Machine Works bullets.

Frame price is $4300. Complete bikes are also available. Hope you enjoy what we have come up with!