We got our start making mountain bikes. Man, things have changed from the early days of every bike having a ridged fork and a 71° head tube angle. We now have three main wheel sizes to choose from. (Sure glad I didn't change the company name to 29r for life or something like that.)

Tires for all the three wheel sizes have changed the game right now. I'm building quite a few 27.5+ and 29er+ frames.When it comes to geometry we can build you whatever you would like. If you like a fairly traditional cross-country bike with 100mm of travel, that sounds great. If you love the look and feel of a bike built around a rigid fork, you have rad skills and love sticking it to your friends with the latest hella rad bro full-suspension bike, we can do that as well.

The bike we're having the most fun on right now is something we call the Funduro™. It's a slacker, longer front end built around a 120-140mm fork with a nice tucked in rear wheel.

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Frame prices start at $2,575.

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